The legend of Guntschöllerhof

On a midsummer’s morning a beggar came up from Blumau and passed by Guntschöllerhof. Being so thirsty, he knocked on the front door. The farmer opened and willingly asked what he wanted.

The beggar politely begged for something to drink to quench his thirst. But because it hadn’t rained for a long time and water was a rare commodity on the farm, the farmer offered the beggar some „Leps“ ( a light wine; the pomaces are once again brought to fermentation using water and sugar). With quite a thirst, the hobo drank all of the „Leps“ and asked the farmer if he could have some more. In order not to appear impolite, the farmer poured him more. Again this second time, the poor man drank everything that was in the jug. Thanking the farmer he left the farm and assured him that from this day on there would always be enough water on the farm.

Since then an underground spring emanated, that to this day has never run dry.