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1 of which is barrier-free

A quiet place for recreation

Guntschöllerhof is located in Völser Aicha at 830m a.s.l, on a sunny and quiet slope between Völs am Schlern and Tiers am Rosengarten. Guntschöllerhof was mentioned in writing for the first time in 1284, the name „Guntschöller“ comes from the Latin word „cancello“ and more or less means boundary fence.

Until 1610 it was the personal vineyard belonging to castle Schloss Prösels. In a contract it was laid out that the following yields had to be handed over to the Lords of Völs: 8 „Yhren“ (= unit of measurement equivalent to approx 80 liters) of white wine per year; on the feast of St.Martin 6lb (= money); a fawn for easter; 30 eggs; four chickens; one day of „Robot“ (= carrying wood) to castle Schloss Prösels.

Green fields, forests and the agricultural variety of the Naturepark Schlern-Rosengarten surround the picturesque village of Völser Aicha village, away from traffic and noise. In only 10 minutes by car you reach the villages of Völs and Tiers as well as the dreamlike Rosengarten area as in addition to other places on the high plateau at Schlern.
On our farm we practice livestock farming so have calves, ponies, sheep, pigs, rabbits, goats, cats, chickens and a dog.